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A range of lining products, from the leaders in Induction Furnace Lining Technology click at this page.

Our Products

  • Ramming Mas Type J2/J/N

    Ramming Mass Ramming Mass Type J2/J Type N Type : Acidic Ramming Mass Acidic Ramming Mass Particle Size Grading : 0-4 mm 0-6 mm cialis kaufen Silica Content : Over 99% Over 99% Suitable For : Dry Ramming Dry Ramming …
  • Indsteel

    A Silica Ramming Mass Tailor – Made For Steel Melting Chemical Composition : Type ‘INDSTEEL’ is a silica based ramming mass with special chemicals pre-mixed for improved lining life for steel melting in coreless induction furnace. Application : Type ‘INDSTEEL’ …
  • Indpatch

    Properties and Application of Type ‘Indpatch’ for repairing Induction Furnace Lining : Description INDPATCH is a silica based material with high quality binders for rapid set and good strength. Application INDPATCH is to be used for patching worn out portions …

Salient Features :

click With effective use of Induction Furnace Melting Technology, we provide a lining which enhances the life of the furnace.

Our Core Values:
  • Customer Delight
  • Ethics
  • Transparency
  • Superior Quality Products


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