Key Strength

Our Strength

Daka Monolithics has a longstanding experience in working with a wide range of original equipment manufacturers as well as engineering, procurement and construction management companies and furnace builders to design complex industrial equipments for the heavy industries.

Our teams are composed of engineers and technicians that have a deep understanding of customers’ operating practices, as well as engineers dealing with raw materials and product technical data.

Advantages of Our Products

Several hours of reduced furnace down-time for installation of lining.
Substantial reduction in the labour cost of lining installation a knockout post.
Improved lining life upto 15%.
Ability to achieve highest packed density during every lining installation with standard vibration cycle and suitable ramming mass.

“Our team is comprised of industry leaders, innovators, and specialists whose goals are to provide the latest business-class products and services to ensure that they deliver simple and hassle free business class solutions.”


Our range of innovative monolithic refractory concepts for Reheat Furnaces are providing cost savings to steelmakers due to benefits including higher energy saving and reduced installation time.


We have the capability to meet the customer’s needs very well than any other by increasing the availability of the production equipment by extending the service life and reducing the maintenance downtime


Our mission is to help you meet your ever increasing production and productivity targets and integrity of your equipment. Our focus is to deliver safe, reliable and high performing refractory solutions customised to your needs.


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