About Us

Who We Are?

Daka Monolithics is the only refractory group that is fully dedicated to and streamlined for offering top-of-the-line refractory solutions. We are the manufacturer and exporter of ramming mass, quartz sand, quartz powder and refactrive. We offer total reactivity to the market needs, combining the power of a global player and its large available resources with the proximity of local partners.

We have experienced and focused management with strong project execution to deal with the projects. We have a range of lining products and equipment from leaders in Induction Furnace Lining Technology.

What We Do?

We deal with Induction Furnace Lining Technology and provide refractory solutions. Induction furnace melting technology with furnace sizes 500kg to 50MT is finding ever increasing popularity as an efficient tool for ensuring molten metal of specified composition and desired temperature.

We have also introduced the ‘INDCROSS VIBRATOR’ manufactured indigenously for reliable mechanical installation of induction furnace lining. We have solutions to all your problems regarding inconsistent lining life and poor furnace utilization.

We offer the most complete and best performing monolithic refractory product range. A wide range of lining products and equipment from the leaders in Induction Furnace Lining Technology.


We adapt our products to changes in customer operational processes as well as the request for increased equipment availability through the reduction in downtime, increase in the period of time without maintenance and accelerated maintenance practices.


We have the ability to set new benchmarks in induction furnace melting technology and refractory and continues to tend so in the industry. We provide reliable and high performing solutions for induction furnace lining technology.


We are the customer’s first choice – in induction furnace melting technology. With its multi-disciplinary and holistic approach, the company has carved a niche for itself in the field of monolithic or mixed lining solutions.


We deliver complete lining solutions for refractory industry. Our engineers will work with you to propose the monolithic or mixed lining solutions that are most adapted to the need of the end-customer and will meet all project needs from solution design to implementation.


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