Properties and Application of Type ‘Indpatch’ for repairing Induction Furnace Lining :

Description INDPATCH is a silica based material with high quality binders for rapid set and good strength.
Application INDPATCH is to be used for patching worn out portions of silica lined induction furnace.
Particle Size Grading 0 to 1 mm
Chemical Analysis(approx) Sio2 – 94%, AL2O3 – 3%, FeO3+Na2O3 – 3%
Preparation check my reference INDPATCH is to be mixed with water (10-15%) to a suitable consistency.
Installation Drying & Heating

The mixture is to be applied by a trowel to the worn out portions of silica lining. The Repaired zone is to be first dried in air for 2 – 3 hrs. This is followed by further drying by placing a hot casting near the patching. In case of emergency even a gas torch can be used for drying. No special sintering is needed after drying.