A Silica Ramming Mass

Tailor – Made For Steel Melting
Chemical Composition :

Type ‘INDSTEEL’ is a silica based ramming mass with special chemicals pre-mixed for improved lining life for steel melting in coreless induction furnace.

Application :

Type ‘INDSTEEL’ is suitable for lining material for melting carbon low-alloy and high-alloy steels except high manganese steels.

Particle Size Grading :

0-6 mm

Methods of Installation :
  • Please note that all binders are pre-mixed with Type ‘INDSTEEL’ Ramming Mass. Therefore, the bags containing the ramming mass cab be directly taken to the furnace and used for lining installation.
  • No Boric Acid Binder must be mixed with the Type ‘INDSTEEL’ ramming Mass.
  • The ramming procedure is same as that used for ordinary silica ramming mass viz. manual ramming or high frequency vibrator ramming achat viagra canada.
Sintering Procedure :
  • It is very important that only steel materials should be used as sintering charge. the sintering charge must have carbon content less than 1.5%.
  • During sintering the lining is to be heated in such a way that temperature rises by about 100 degree celsius per hour upto 1650 degree celsius. The metal should be held at a temperature of 1650 degree celsius for a minimum period of one hour for proper sintering of the lining.