Ramming Mas Type J2/J/N

Ramming Mass Ramming Mass
Type J2/J Type N
Type : Acidic Ramming Mass Acidic Ramming Mass
Particle Size Grading : 0-4 mm 0-6 mm cialis kaufen
Silica Content : Over 99% Over 99%
Suitable For : Dry Ramming Dry Ramming
Max. Operating Temperature : 1650 degree celsius 1650 degree celsius
For Furnace Types : Coreless Induction Furnace Coreless Induction Furnace
Useful For Melting :

Cast Iron/ Malleable Iron/ S.G. Iron/ Mild Steel/ Low Alloy Steels/ Brass/ Copper etc.

Method of Installation :
  • The ramming is to be pre-heated in a clean tray with constant mixing by shovel, to a temperature of about 60 degree celsius tp 70 degree celsius for removal of any moisture present.
  • It is important to ensure that the ramming mass is not contaminated with impurities during this preheating operation.
  • After cooling below 40 degree celsius the ramming mass is to be mixed uniformly with Boric Acid binder.
  • The percentage of Boric Acid will vary between 0.8% to 2.0% depending upon the operating temperature.
  • The lining is to be rammed by using freshly sharpened spike (kanta) tools, either manually or mechanically by the ‘DAKA INDCROSS VIBRATOR’.
Sintering Procedure :
  • For sintering the lining the temperature of the sintering charge is to be increased at the rate not exceeding 100 degree celsius per hour upto 1300 degree celsius.
  • The temperature is to be held at 1300 degree celsius.
  • Thereafter, the temperature is to be increased at a rate not exceeding 200 degree celsius per hour upto the operating temperature or 1550 degree celsius whichever is higher and held for 1 hour.
  • The sintering charge must preferably have Carbon content of maximum 3% and a Silicon content of minimum 2.5%.
  • For melting special Steels, it is advisable to use our INDSTEEL Ramming Mass. However type J2 & N silica Raming Masses can also be used with shorter lining life.
  • Both type J2 & N Silica Ramming Masses are available with Boric Acid pre mixed as per your need and are labelled Type BJ2 & BN respectively.
Precautions for Good Lining Life :
  • During maintenance of the furnace pay special attention to yokes etc. to prevent excessive vibrations during furnace operations.
  • Do not allow the furnace temperature to drop below 1000 degree celsius for the first 4 days after sintering a new lining.
  • Maintain minimum possible tapping temp and minimum possible holding time.
  • During weekly shut down cool the furnace rapidly by tapping out all the liquid metal and exposing the lining to air cooling. For restarting the furnace ensure that liquid metal does not appear in the furnace before the lining reaches a temperature of atleast 800 degree celsius which will normally take about 8 hours.